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World's first bridge made out of bio composite material

Flax and hemp based bridge 14 meters long and thus the world's largest completely bio composite object

Biobased Milestone
The bridge is a major milestone on the subject of biobased building. Locally grown fibers of the hemp and flax plant form the basis for the bridge. The fibers are draped around a core of biologically poly lactic acid foam and cork. This together is injected with a bioresin. After curing this results in a very strong sandwich bridge.
The bridge remains in Eindhoven for a period of one year. With the aid of 28 sensors the deflection of the bridge during this year will be monitored.

Grand cooperation

The bridge was developed in close cooperation between NPSP, Technical Universities of Eindhoven and Delft, Universities of Applied Science of Avans, Inholland and HZ, three regional training centers, more than 15 companies, the cities of Den Bosch and Eindhoven, the province of Brabant and over a hundred students. The development is supported by the SIA RAAK and 4TU Lighthouse programs of the Dutch government and by the municipalities and province.

The design of the bio-based bridge is an iterative optimization of mechanical and aesthetic properties. This has resulted in a slender shape, with high strength and stiffness, in an organic style of design. The bio-based nature of the bridge is reflected in the flowing form of the main beam and the fan-shaped railings that resemble blades of grass. The organic material is also reflected in the aesthetic appearance, structure and texture of the material. 

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