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Voor biobased en high-tech braiding project!

Natural fibre composites, in addition of being sustainable, do have good stiffness properties and possess superior damping properties. The main challenge for biobased composites is to lower the labour factor of the manufacturing process.

Automated braiding techniques can combine the positive material properties lower the labour factor resulting in hollow or foam-filled tube like products. But which outdoor products fit well with these properties? Can the infusions of the resin through the braids be simplified to result in a low labour factor for this part as well? How can the design freedom be applied? In what new product-forms can this result? How to deal with end-of-life options? Can products compete with conventional materials, taking investments, sustainability, design freedom into account?

We are looking for a creative industrial design or Engineering graduate who can address the questions mentioned above and make a design which fits the company and demonstrates the stunning material properties and advantages of the digital robotised high tech braiding production techniques.

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